Wednesday, March 3, 2021

2018 BBM Sumo 5-Card Pack

Since I've developed a relatively expensive interest in the Japanese sport of Sumo, I've only been able to order a few cards here and there off of E-Bay and COMC. I haven't quite got the grasp of how to use Yahoo! Japan, and Buyee, a Japanese proxy service, just has me absolutely stymied.

Recently, however, I was able to order my first actual pack of BBM Sumo cards early last month, picking up a pack of 2018 BBM Sumo Cards off E-Bay.

The BBM 2018 Sumo set contains 90 cards and each pack has a total of only five cards inside.
Here are cards for Kyokushuho Koki (#44) and Yoshikaze Masatsugu (#07), spreading salt to purify the dohyo before their match. After making his professional debut in 2007, Kyokushuho's current rank is Juyo #5. Yoshikaze, meanwhile, retired in 2019, after beginning his professional career in 2004, taking on the toshiyori (elder in the Japan Sumo Association) name, Nakamura.  
Young Hopeful Ura Kazuki (#75), Yamaguchi Masahiro (#61) (retired) and Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro (#09) round out this pack. Ura debuted in 2015, winning the jonokuchi division (lowest sumo division) championship in his first tourney. Kotoshogiku, who retired last year, assumes the name of Hidenoyama, after also becoming a toshiyori. 

I was definitely pumped to bust my first pack of sumo cards, but it's going to take me awhile to build up a collection. That's okay, too. It just gives me the opportunity to savor and learn more about one of Japan's most ancient sports.

Stay safe and healthy out there.


  1. Nice!! Sumo cards are quite the addiction. YJA and Buyee are quite easy to use once you get the hang of them. We have a fun Facebook Group for Sumo Card Collectors.

    1. Thanks for the heads up and yes, I'm a member of BBM Sumo Card Collectors.

  2. Nice sumo cards! Its fun to branch out into new sports, I have a small sumo card collection that I've puttered away at on the side every now and then.